Saturday, May 27, 2017 
Steve M. Marshall, WI
WOW! I learned more in 6 weeks and gained more confidence at THE BLAST than I did in 6 months at other so called "Karate" Schools. I've always had a passion for the Martial Arts all throughout my life, but I could not find a school that specialized in real world scenarios such as getting attacked in a parking lot, or having 3 opponents trying to attack you etc. While growing up, I've alw...


In addition to our classes, we offer martial arts private lessons. If you prefer to work one-on-one, you have that opportunity to work with one of our instructors to further your martial arts skills without taking classes. Taking private lessons at The Blast will allow each workout session to be personalized to what you want, whether it is to further develop your martial arts game or focus on self defense.  Private lessons are a great addition to the curriculum classes for current students and a way to accelerate learning if you are just starting .

COST (based on instructor)


Never trained martial arts before and scared to because you don't know any of the basics?  Worried you won't be able to pick up techniques quickly? This is a very common concern for many students trying martial arts for the first time, but don't worry, our JUMP START program will solve all of your worries. This program consists of 3-private lessons, with one of our assistant instructors, to show you the basic techniques you will need to start class with ease.  Regardless of the program you are interested in, the JUMP START program will help you smoothly transition into class. The excuses "I am scared because I don't know any of the techniques" or "I don't want to hold the other students back" are no longer valid. Sign up for a FREE introductory session to get more information.

COST:  $150

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