Tuesday, March 28, 2017 
Steve M. Marshall, WI
WOW! I learned more in 6 weeks and gained more confidence at THE BLAST than I did in 6 months at other so called "Karate" Schools. I've always had a passion for the Martial Arts all throughout my life, but I could not find a school that specialized in real world scenarios such as getting attacked in a parking lot, or having 3 opponents trying to attack you etc. While growing up, I've alw...

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THE BLAST Muay Thai Kickboxing PLUS!

We specialize in helping people reach their highest potential. At THE BLAST , we provide teens (13 and up) and adults a "Vacation From Life" through martial arts.

We invite you and your friends to experience THE BLAST with a Free Intro Lesson. Our academy brings a new light to martial arts, fitness and self improvement through a wide variety of exciting programs. THE BLAST is truly a place where everyone can benefit from one of our programs.


  1. Nationally Certified Instructors
  2. Get an all-body workout and lose weight with a purpose
  3. Train in a high energy, team atmosphere!
  4. Fun, exciting, unique workouts!
  5. You bring commitment and we'll keep you on track with our step by step curriculum!
  6. Relieve stress
  7. Learn the culture of each martial art
  8. Meet new friends
  9. Develop healthy lifestyle habits
  10. Reduce weight, relieve tension, build confidence, learn self defense all while having a BLAST!!

Check out our Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs

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